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Are there hidden costs to build a website?2017-02-17T20:11:16-08:00

Not with WISR.  Our project proposal will list ALL the phases need to get your project up-and-running.  We will also give you a firm quote for on going hosting and site maintenance.

What is WISR’s approach to build a website?2017-02-17T20:10:33-08:00

WISR uses a proven methodology to break-up a project into manageable pieces or phases.  Each phase is carefully managed so that you will receive a well-built, attractive and engaging website.  You can learn more here:

We have a website but it’s looking old, what can we do?2017-02-17T20:08:50-08:00

Not getting the results you need from your website?  It might be time for a complete site upgrade or “website facelift”. Although it may seem daunting, it is well worth your while to consider upgrading to the newest technology platforms. WISR specializes in upgrading to newer versions of your site technology or migrating your content to a newer, better platform.

Does WISR do Fixed-Bid projects?2017-02-17T20:03:38-08:00

Yes, we can work with you using an hourly-billing or Fixed-bid method.  Note however that a Fixed-Bid project must be well defined and have all of the details specified.  If you need help preparing a project plan, we can arrange a short project to work with you to prepare a detailed plan.  After the plan is created we will give you a fixed-bid proposal for the project build and implementation or you can use the plan to shop for a better proposal.

We need to sell both digital and physical products, can WISR help?2017-02-17T20:03:04-08:00

No Problem.  WISR has extensive experience with e-commerce of all types.  We can call include systems to allow Special-Offers and Coupons.

Does WISR work with small companies?2017-02-17T20:02:29-08:00

Yes.  We have done many Fortune 500 & 2000 projects but small companies and start-ups are welcome.  We can even help you develop Marketing Strategies that can compete with the big-guys.  The Internet is the great equalizer; all you need is smart ideas!

What about Website Security?2017-02-17T20:01:33-08:00

The Internet today is constantly being probed and tested for vulnerabilities by the bad-guys.  No website is safe without constant monitoring and updating the underlying defense systems.  WISR takes Security very seriously and we have multiple layers of defense to protect our sites.  We can’t promise invulnerability, no one can, but we have implemented Best-Practices and we are always reviewing our systems.

We need video on our site, can you help?2017-02-17T19:58:58-08:00
We sure can!  We are able to do All phase of Internet Video, from script to post-production and hosting.
How do we get started?2017-02-17T19:58:18-08:00

The first step is to decide what you need. Then you can send us a message using our “contact us” form or ask us for a quote using our “Get a Quote” form. We’ll get back to you right away.

Do I need to learn how to code HTML?2017-02-17T19:57:30-08:00

No, not if you use a Content Management System (CMS).  Using a modern CMS (e.g. WordPress, Joomla) all of your site content can be added and changed using a built-in text editor.  Joomla even has a WYSIWG editor that operates similar to Microsoft Word.  Joomla also allows you to upload pictures and videos that will display on your website pages with no special programming skills.

What does CSS mean?2017-02-17T19:56:17-08:00

CSS is an abbreviation for Cascading Style Sheets.  CSS allows designers to create attractive designs that use special fonts, colors, margins, and other design elements in such a way that your content will automatically be formatted to fit the design.  As you enter or change your site’s content you don’t have to enter any special formatting.  The CSS system will automatically render your content to match the designers “style”  throughout your site.

What’s the difference between the Internet and an Intranet?2017-02-17T19:54:31-08:00

The Internet is the Inter-Connection of computer networks.  You are reading this FAQ from the Internet right now.  An Intranet is a limited access network that is setup for one our more organizations.  Today, most Intranets actually operate over the same physical Intranet, but restrict access to their information.

If your organization needs to connect a group of people to share information that is proprietary or secret, you can implement an Intranet that will allow secure communications between all of the organization members.

If an Intranet sounds like something that your organization may find useful, please contact a WISR rep to discuss details on how to implement an Intranet.

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