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WISR Smart Hosting Services

Your Websites Deserve to Run on the Best Equipment

By using our hosting services, you assure that the same level of care that goes into developing and maintaining your site is given to your hosting environment. Speed, optimization and scaleability are features you should be assured of, and at WISR, we pay constant attention to ensuring that our server environment is the best that current technology can offer.

Hosting Features

A common consideration when deciding where your site will live is “what if we experience sudden meteoric growth?”. You don’t want your biggest dream to turn to your worst nightmare. At WISR, we make sure that your hosting package matches your traffic patterns, and, if your traffic suddenly surges, we are prepared. All of our development is designed with portability and scaleability in mind. If you need to move to a bigger server with greater bandwidth or storage space, we can do it.

In addition to offering you the latest and greatest in web hosting technology, our support team is dedicated to ensuring our clients full-time assistance to their needs.

WISR Offers a Wide Array of Hosting Plans (Linux/cPanel Hosting):

Hosting Plan





App Support


25 GB 
1 GB 
1 TB 
Email & Skype – 0.5 hr
 50 GB
1 GB 
 2 TB
 Email & Skype – 1 hr
100 GB 
2 GB 
4 TB 
Email & Skype – 1 hr
 MSDS – Medium
200 GB RAID-1
 4 GB
 5 TB
Email & Skype – 1 hr
 MSDS – Large
 500 GB RAID-1
 8 GB
 10 TB
Email & Skype – 1 hr
 Dedicated – Medium
 16 GB
 20 TB
Email & Skype – 1 hr
 Dedicated – Large
 2 TB RAID-1
 32 GB
 30 TB
Email & Skype – 1 hr
 Cloud Hosting
 (Project Dependant)
 Email & Skype – 1 hr 
All Plans include Basic S3 Backup Package and Encrypt SSL certificate at no additional charge.
MSDS = Minimally Shared Dedicated Server
Multi-Sites (+) are charge $10/mo for each domain past the indicated number. 
Unused App Support Time does NOT accumulate or roll-over to next month.

WISR Website/cPanel Backup Packages – uses Amazon S3 Cloud Storage:

Backup Package

Site Size (max)

 Backup Copies

Backup Frequency

Price/Mo *

10 GB
included w/any
hosting package
15 GB
30 GB
60 GB
*=Paid Quarterly. 
Contact Us for custom backup size and frequency combinations.
WISR Technologies