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 For website projects, the following billing rates apply:

Resource Title

Job Description & Responsibility

Billing Rate/hr.

Client Partner

Senior Executive with Project Ownership

Project Manager (PM)

Project coordination and management


Network Engineer

Installs and configures web servers, email servers and DNS network systems


DBMS Architect (Sr)

Advanced Design and implementation of complex DBMS architectures


Security Architect

Design and implementation of secure system architecture & backup plans


Data Science Architect

Designs and implements Statistical and Big Data analysis plans


ETL Architect

Designs and implements ETL data integration plans


Code Developer (Sr.)

Senior System Programmer – constructs, modifies and integrates computer system code


Mobile Developer

Programmer – constructs, modifies and integrates mobile apps (iOS & Android)


Graphic Designer/Artist (Sr)

Designs and develops visual concepts, logos, typography and branding


Graphic-U/I Designer

Designs look and feel of website icons, templates


CMS Developer (Sr)

Senior Joomla/Drupal/WordPress Programmer – installs, configures, modifies and integrates CMS systems


CMS Developer (Jr)

Joomla/Drupal/WordPress Programmer – configures, modifies and integrates basic CMS systems


HTML/CSS coder

Writes and modifies HTML and CSS template code


HTML/CSS coder(Jr)

Writes and modifies HTML and CSS template code


Q/A Engineer

Tester – checks systems for proper operation


SEO Engineer

Design SEO Campaigns and Analyze Website traffic and rankings


Data Entry Clerk

Entry of data and information into websites database

Note: arrangements can be made to charge “by-entry” in some cases



Ongoing site administration & maintenance. Including software upgrades, backups, content entry and formatting.

(3 hrs/mo)

Billing is charged in 0.5hr. increments

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