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WISR AWS Echo Services

Amazon Smart Devices and Your Business

The Amazon Echo is the first of a new class of products that uses Voice as the user interfaces.

There are already many practical uses for the Amazon Echo, and the list of Skills is growing everyday.
Here is a a short list of example of the kinds of uses currently available for the Echo:

  • Voice Activated IoT and Smart-Office control
  • Office Assistant – ask for “status” of  report – e.g.: “Alexa, what are the current sales figures for this month?
  • Marketing: Company News Updates including Specials, etc.
  • Conference Room Assistant: e.g.: “Alexa, start the monthly conference call.
  • … and many more examples.

WISR has successfully built and deployed Amazon Echo Skills and can help you design, build and deploy a Skill too.

Here is how we approach a new Skill project:

  • Define               define the Skill requirements – what will the Skill do.
  • Design              what the Skill card will look like and how it will work.
  • Build                 create the graphics and code for the Skill card.
  • Test                  test the functionality of the Skill.
  • Deploy              launch the Skill.

Follow-on steps after the Skill is deployed:

  • Enhance           monitor all aspects of the Skill and enhance the Skill iteratively.
  • Test                  incorporate modifications and test the changes.
  • Deploy              post the updates to Amazon.