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WISR has Extensive Application Development Experience

Our Application Development Services include:


  • Architecture and Design Phase
  • Modern Development Methodologies
  • PHP and Other Modern Web Languages
  • JavaScript
  • Adobe ActionScipt/Flex
  • MySQL Database Apps
  • SandBox Development Environment
  • Testing Methodologies including Load-Testing

WISR’s Application Development uses the Best-of-Breed Languages and Tools

Good Design & Development must use the most appropriate tool to:

1) Lower Cost

2) Increase Reliability

3) Insure Future Maintainability

Engineering a successful website isn’t easy. Care and experience are required to design a site that performs to your requirements.

Our engineer’s know Web Development. We know when to use a particular language and when not to use it. Besides the obvious features, every project needs to consider ALL the current requirements, plus, likely future requirements.

Important questions include: What’s the size of the site? How many visitors will be coming to the site? Will the site include Social Networking, Video, special data forms? And many other questions.

Also important is what level of site administration will be available after the site is launched. Does the client have a full-time Web Team? What new features and site enhancements are likely to added to the site?

WISR has experience in both Building and Expanding website of all types and can help you make smart decisions that will make your Internet business a success.

And, we also offer Hosting Services for your project; both short-term and long-term.