The Social Networking Site

Robust and feature-rich Community sites similar to Facebook, MySpace and Ning are now an affordable reality and within your grasp – thanks to the Open Source community. The power of user-generated content and vistior loyalty generated by a well-designed and easy to use social networking site can be the key to high traffic and popularity. Our community sites include user chat, videos, photos, polls, user points and many other popular features.

Our Standard Social Networking Sites are priced starting at $1,750






We offer many other website packages tailored to specific industries and functions, such as:

  • Video Sharing Sites (YouTube Clones)
  • Business Directory and Listing Review Sites
  • Sports/Athleitc Themed Sites
  • Photography/Portfolio Sites
  • Restaurant Sites
  • Corporate Intranet Sites
  • Music Distribution Sites (iTunes Store Clones)
  • E-Learning Sites

Please contact us to request information and pricing