TextMatch node scans the input string for the given key(s) and extracts their value(s). Each value is separated from the key by start delimiter. The end delimiter marks the end of the value.
Ex. Company:WISR;
key is “Company”, start delimiter is “:”, value is “WISR”, end delimiter is “;”

Node configuration:

Configuration tab:

Use configuration file – true/false, whether to read the node configuration from an external json file

File – configuration file name or URL. This could be a local path or file path on the server where KNIME will run in headless mode.

Input column to scan – column from input table to scan, 0 based, Row ID columns are not counted.

Conditional string – text

Must exist – true/false, when true scanning is performed only if the conditional string is present in the input

Start delimiter – character that separates the key from the value

End delimiter – character that marks the value end

Scan start position – put 0 to scan the entire input string

Scan end position – put 0 to scan the entire input string

List of keys to scan for – currently 20 keys are supported

License tab:

License Server – license server URL

Licensed Site – domain URL on which the node is licensed and is running on

License Code – license code

Node input:
Table with one row that contains the text to scan in a single column. Only the column specified in the configuration is scanned.

Node output:
Table with one row, columns names are the keys, column values are the values.

Source Form | Company | First Name | Last Name | Phone | Documents
OneTickForm | WISR | f | l | 111-222-3333 | Trade show