This Node wil read emails from a specified email account (server).

Configuration Options

Checks INBOX folder for unseen messages every 60000 ms (by default), until one or more unseen messages are found. If it fails to connect to email server it keeps trying for 15 min before giving up.

Input: one dummy input port, only to enable looping
Output: one output port, table, one row per message
table columns:
Sender – string
Sent date – string
Subject – string
Content – string

Node dialog configuration:

IMAP Server

server – email server url
port – imap port of email server
use SSL/TLS – not implemented
delete email from server – delete email message after reading
strip HTML from email content – remove html tags from email message
check every … in ms – frequency in milliseconds to check for unseen email messages


user email – email box to monitor for new email
password – user password

Usage Examples

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