secondlife-snapshot2_256x256Virtual-Worlds, Games and 3D Graphic Services

We Cover ALL the Bases

  • 3D Strategies and Planning
  • Marketing & Design Concept Phase
  • 3D Technology Development
  • Second Life Marketing & Development
  • 3D Modeling and Animation
  • Online Games including Flash
  • On-going Maintenance
  • Development SandBoxes & Hosting
  • Online Marketing Campaigns

WISR can help build your Virtual World presence

Large companies such as IBM, Cisco System, Coca-Cola and others, are building Virtual-World Headquarters

Marketing inside Virtual Worlds can help promote your Real-World Brand.

To start, you need a Virtual-World (VW) plan. WISR can help you form your VW-Strategy including your In-World Presence & Headquarters. WISR can also help you create In-World Marketing campaigns, Cross-World campaigns, micro-sites & Ad campaigns. Plus our Graphic Designers and Engineers can “Build” your project.

WISR can make your VW-project Engaging, Functional and Fun for your audience.

And, we can help with the on-going maintenance and support for your VW-project – both short-term and long-term.


To learn more, see our Marketing Services and Design & Development sections.